The recommendation engine we wish we had when we were applying.

Every year, over 1 million students apply to American colleges from the United States and abroad, with millions more hoping for the chance to apply. Most prospective applicants are in need of guidance from admissions experts, but fail to attain quality guidance for a variety of reasons. The average U.S. high school counselor has a student caseload of over 470 students. Students receive an average of 38 minutes of 1-on-1 counselor time spread out over 4 years of high school. The college counseling component at many high schools becomes a secondary priority. For most students, hiring a private consultant to supplement overworked and under-resourced school counselors is out of the question, with average fees of $4,035 in the U.S. and $10,000+ in international markets.

Beacon’s patented technology combines the insight of industry experts, interactive and in-depth admissions data, and individually tailored information to provide students and their counselors with an objective data-driven yet personalized navigational tool to combat these limitations. (Read more about the system under Our Algorithm.)

Our goal is to provide students, counselors, and institutes with more access, more transparency, and more optionality.

Our innovative technology platform leverages the quantitive and qualitative data of hundreds of thousands of students standardized across various admissions assessment criteria to deliver personalized recommendations that can serve as the baseline for college counseling or help to supplement the guidance of counselors. From college selection to pinpointing areas for improvement of each student, our system empowers each student to make the best, most informed decision for him or herself when it comes to college.

With Beacon, you too can utilize big data and “AI” (admissions intelligence) as part of your college application approach.

For Students

Data is knowledge. Knowledge is power.
Spend just a few minutes and input your credentials to view a personalized comprehensive analysis report of acceptance chances, strengths, weaknesses, and action plans for free through your counselor! Experience the power of leveraging real data to get closer to achieving your college dreams! Contact your school college counselor to learn whether you qualify.

For Parents

Aim for a better future with data you can trust.
Not only does Beacon generate a holistic analysis of a student’s current admissions competitiveness, the platform also formulates a personalized strategy and action plan to bolster areas of weakness to optimize an application. More importantly, the platform also recommends alternative paths that yield results. Contact your school college counselor to learn whether you qualify.

For Counselors

Personalize admissions for each student.
We understand that developing a comprehensive college plan for every student is a virtually impossible task when you’re working with hundreds of students. That’s why we’ve virtualized the process for you. We’ve automated assessments and recommendations based on individual goals so that your 1-on-1 time is spent on reviewing action plans and focusing on what actually matters.

For Consultants

Lead the pack that’s innovating admissions consulting.
Upgrade your recommendations with a state-of-the-art admissions tool. Better serve your clients with real, objective data and elevate your consulting practice with interactive visual aids, admissions trends and strategies, and insight into unique credential-building opportunities. Differentiate your service with data.

We work closely with high schools to implement the Beacon platform as a college counseling tool to use with your juniors and seniors. If you’d like to learn more about setting your school counselors up with Beacon access, please contact us at with subject line "BEACON SCHOOL."

We also carefully certify local institutes and consulting agencies to attain the rights to utilize or represent Beacon in their cities. If you are a private institute or admissions professional interested in joining our network, please contact us at with subject line "BEACON PARTNER."